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ion savings

ION SAVINGS is the first direct sales company with the top 10 products in the United States like Energy, Greens, Collagen and more at prices similar to Amazon with FREE shipping all while paying you to spread the word! Disruption! Launched 11/11/2023


Nate Calima helps you build your brand with online personal development courses, live zoom trainings, and digital PR to help promote you! Dominate the marketplace!

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3rd party edification of your craft is powerful. Learn how marketing training and press articles can help you expand your business through the Nate Calima Digital PR Agency

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From learning how to build your brand or become an incredible networker. We provide courses take away years of trial and error. Don't spend thousands of dollar and time trying to "figure it out". Get it straight from the source!

Miss Universe Philippines (USA aCCREDITED pARTNERS)

Pageantry is the #1 sport in the Philippines. Learn about The Miss Philippines - CA (Miss Universe Philippines - CA) on the west coast and MGF | Miss Philippines (Miss Universe Philippines - VA) on the east coast and join as a candidate or as a sponsor! ION Savings is an official sponsor of MGF | Miss Philippines

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